Integration Courses

Dr. Steinberg Sprachschule is a school certified by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to conduct integration courses. Integration courses are German langauge courses that consist of 6 modules (each split into 100 lesson units over 4 weeks) from level A1 to B1. Upon reaching level B1 (Modul 6), you can participate in the so-called orientation course consisting of 60 lessons. The "Skalierte Deutschtest für Zuwanderer" is taken after the 6th module and attests you the level A2 to B1.

Diagramm Integrationskurse-Unterrichtsstunden_EN

We offer the following integration courses:

  • General integration courses for adults and young people (Focus: Communication in German)
  • Orientation courses (Focus: German society and politics)
  • Intensive courses
  • Special integration courses for young adults up to the age of 27
  • Special integration courses for women

Who can participate in an integration course?

  • Migrants
  • EU citizens
  • Ethnic German resettlers
  • Germans with insufficient knowledge of German

What do you need?

To participate in a course you need to have a qualification certificate (»Berechtigungsschein») either from the Foreigners' Registration Office, the Job Center, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees or from the Federal Refugees Office (for resettlers).

Assessment test

As a first step we carry out an assessment test. The result helps us to determine which course suits you best and whether attending a special integration course is appropriate for you.


Please bring your passport and your certificate of eligibility (»Berechtigungsschein») or your confirmation of entitlement to unemployment benefits to the registration and the assessment test.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!