Dr. Steinberg Sprachschule has been committed to the integration of immigrants into German society since 2017. We support our clients in all areas of life – culturally, educationally, professionally, socially and economically. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social, ethnic, religious, political or cultural background, participants are helped to lay the foundations for successful integration.

Dialogue between cultures is a major concern for us. Learning the German language is the central key to reach this goal. The teaching atmosphere is characterised by mutual respect and tolerance. This is what our teachers teach and this is what we expect from our participants. Only on this basis integration can be successful.

We organise, coordinate and run German integration and vocational language courses. At the same time, we network initiatives and offers to promote integration. In addition, we advise immigrants on how to deal with authorities and show them career prospects.

We employ highly qualified and motivated teachers with many years of experience in German and integration courses, who attend further training courses on a regular basis.