A German citizen should learn all languages, so no stranger can make him uncomfortable
in his own home, but so he feels at home everywhere in the unknown world.

Wolfgang von Goethe

Goethe, a citizen of the world who spoke five languages, might have exaggerated with the word „all”, apart from that his message is still relevant. Speaking several languages makes you feel at home in foreign environments and also provides you with a guaranteed advantage in terms of career prospects.

We offer language courses in German as a foreign language and in English. Courses in other languages are taught upon request. Before you start a course we assess your language skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference Languages (CEFR) and lay down goals which you can accomplish by means of our course. During the course we keep track of your progress with our internal tests.

Whether it’s lectures or team work, face-to-face training or blended learning, conversation or grammar exercises, textbooks, online platforms or exercise sheets developed by our teaching staff, we use all techniques and materials, available today in the realm of teaching. There is no one „best” strategy which suits everyone. We employ different learning and teaching methods to reach the best possible outcome depending on the type and length of the course as well as the language level and learning type of the participants.

Real-world communication – that’s the principle we live by.

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